OKAI Neon E-Scooter
OKAI Neon E-Scooter
OKAI Neon E-Scooter
OKAI Neon E-Scooter
OKAI Neon E-Scooter
OKAI Neon E-Scooter
OKAI Neon E-Scooter
OKAI Neon E-Scooter

OKAI Neon E-Scooter

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It’ll be yours, and only yours

An easy-to-ride, reliable, and the best looking new scooter with better swag-lights, longer deck and builder quality

It featured:

  • Powerful 48V 750W brushless motor.
  • Removable 48V 10.4Ah Lithium-ion battery.
  • 20mph full electric speed; 31mph with pedal assist.
  • Full suspension & anti-puncture fat tires. 
  • 2-step easy folding and portable.


Rated power 350W
Maximum speed 18 mph
Range 25 miles
Maximum gradient 20%


A dazzling display is at the center of the OKAI Neon. A beautiful circular LED display featuring three selectable visual theme presets: Classic, Tech, and Vintage. Make it feel more personal using the OKAI App and select among more visual display options.


Weather can change at a moment’s notice. The OKAI Neon features a IPX5 water resistance rating for those moments of unexpected rain to allow you to get to cover safely and quickly until the conditions for riding are ideal to continue the journey.


The best all-terrain folding ebike on the market is exclusively available at ACTbikes.com.

Frequently Asked Question

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