What Should You Know Before Buying An Electric Bike?

When looking for a bike for long distance riding or something that can tackle a steep slope, or glide and crisscross your town, an e-bike could be the best option for you. These bikes make cycling more accessible and enjoyable. Besides, they confer plenty of benefits to the rider. Unfortunately, you will not just walk into a bike store and buy whichever e-bike you come across. You will need to know plenty of things before buying the bike.

The price, the reason for buying the bike and the power of the motor are some the basic things you will need to look at before buying the bike. Other important aspects you may need to consider include the features it comes with, the maximum speed it can cruise, the assist level and transportability.

Have a look at this The Price

Bikes prices have been rising with every generation. A few decades ago, bikes costing about $200 were considered high-end and were owned by very few people. Today, bikes go for as much as $2000. The price sounds astronomical.

But the cost of e-bikes is expected to be higher than the cost of regular bikes. However, there are cases where the cost of the cheapest e-bikes is lower than that of the expensive regular bikes. A good electric bike will cost anything between $1,000 and $2,000.

The Purpose for Buying the Bicycle

If you live in a hilly area, you need something to help you rip through the terrain with ease. Mountain e-bikes are designed with gear systems that allow riders to rip through steep terrain with little effort. Such bikes will allow you to reach top speed even when on a hilly terrain. These are, thus, the best bicycles designed for rough terrain and trails. The bikes are sturdy and come with good shocks and fat tires. But if the area is not hilly and you are looking for a good bike, anything with a gear system that gives higher speeds while on the road could be the best choice.

The Charge

The distance the bike can cover on a full charge is vital. So before spending money on any e-bike, check out the distance it can cover on a full charge. If you have specific destinations in mind, the bike should be able to cover the distance before it runs out of charge. For instance it should be able to get you to the office for another recharge if you are commuting to work. Luckily, all manufacturers test their products, and so they will approximate the distance in miles or kilometers the bike can cycle before it runs out of charge.

The Speed

The speed of the e-bike you buy matters a lot. Luckily, there are varieties to choose from depending on the speed you want. Some bikes can do 25 km per hour, while the fastest will do 45 km per hour. So depending on your needs, buy a bike that can suit the type of a terrain you will be cycling. For instance, if you are interested in a bicycle you can use on the road, something that can do 35 km per hour should be ideal.


The Workout It Gives

One of the reasons for buying an e-bike is to help you get in good workout shape. Also, you may want a bicycle to get you to your destination fast. Of course, there are e-bikes designed to give you a good workout exercises and those that will get you to your chosen destination even when you don’t pedal fast. So test each bike and look at the heart rate when riding. A good bike for a workout should allow your heart rate to fluctuate between 2-3 times the resting heart rate.


One of the things you may need to look at when sourcing an e-bike to buy is how easily it can be transported. Luckily, modern e-bikes can be folded fitted in the car. Ensure to check out if the bike is foldable and if it can fit in your type of car. Also, find out if the bike requires a ramp or a rack for transportation. Finally, check out if it comes with a bike rack to hold it safely when transporting.

Know How to Ride the E-Bike

If you have been riding the standard bike, you may need a lesson or two about riding an e-bike. Also, if you are interested in off-road biking, the type of bike you buy may be different from on-the-road riding. Similarly, if you take on a rougher ride, you need a robust e-bike with more gears and tires designed for rough riding. But if you plan for a casual or a slow-paced bike, those that feature fewer gears and smaller tires could be the options for you.

Assist Levels

If you are getting into riding an e-bike, you need one with fewer gears. Some bikes have as many as 40 gears, while others have as few as 3 gears. You may need to choose the right gears depending on the speed you will be cruising. Notice that the fewer the gears, the less the speed the bike will be able to cruise. Also, e-bikes have different styles of shifting gears. There are those you can shift downward or upward depending on the resistance you want to experience. Shifting them downwards makes you experience less resistance, while shifting the gear upward increases the resistance levels. So choosing the gears, you are comfortable with could be the best option for you.

There are plenty of things you’ll need to consider when you go shopping for an e-bike. The main ones include the price, the speed, the amount of exercise it gives the rider, and how long the charge lasts. However, there are other peripheral reasons you need not ignore. They range from the warranty it comes with, the comfort of riding, and the places you will be riding the bike.