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E-moving Is The New Fashion

Electric bikes are increasingly regarded as a green alternative to polluting vehicles, as well as an efficient way to the "last mile" commute. ACTbikes.com, founded by ACTCOM INC., is committed to providing the best-value electric bicycles that can meet the needs of every commuter and cyclist around the world.


The story began in the winter of 2017 with our first partner-Team SDREAM. We shared a vision which is to change the way people travel with intelligent technology at the most reasonable budget while bringing the beauty, fun, intelligence, and sustainability into the e-bikes we made together. After two successful campaigns on Indiegogo, thousands of customers chose the SDREAM as their first electric bike. We feel we're very close to cracking the code for achieving the goal.

We carefully select different types of electric bicycles and accessories which meet the criteria of fashion, durability, versatility, and reasonable price to provide to our customers. We work with innovative e-bike teams and brands to make sure that we can provide premium electric bikes at an affordable price. We are driven by the will that we should be attainable to everyone - in a product that was once only available at several times the cost.

At ACTbikes.com, it makes the selection and ordering easier and safer, at the same time, we continue to expand more offline experience stores, repair stations, and dealers, letting our customers have better services and support. Customers can even order online and pick up the goods at the nearest store. We ACT, and will never stop.

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